Closing Dates

Mission's holidays for 2022

January 3 (Mon) New Year Holiday (Japan)
January 7 (Fri) Ethiopian Christmas
January 19 (Wed) Orthodox Epiphany(Timkat)
March 2 (Wed) Victory of Adwa
April 22(Fri) Ethiopia Good Friday
May 3 (Tue) Eid Al-Adha(*)
May 4 (Wed) Greenery Day
May 5 (Thu) Patriots’ Victory Day/Children’s day (Japan)
July 18 (Mon) Marine Day (Japan)
August 11(Thu) Mountain Day (Japan)
September 19 (Mon) Respected-for-the-Aged Day (Japan)
September 23 (Fri) Autumnal Equinox Day (Japan)
September 27 (Tue) Meskel
October 10 (Mon) Sports Day (Japan)
November 3 (Thu) Culture Day (Japan)
November 23 (Wed) Labor Thanksgiving Day
December 29 (Thu) End-of-the-year Holiday
December 30 (Fri) End-of-the-year Holiday
Total 18 days
* might be changed (according to Islam calendar)